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Apple Twist Crisp Apple Smash  Lemon Twist Wild Watermelon Pink Punch Pink Punch ICED Peach Blossom Lemonade Strawberry Crush Mason Golden Coast Lemon Bar Fruit Twist Pink Tropical Pucker Punch  Mango Cream Dream Melon Twist Honeydew Chew Chilled Melon Remix Watermelon Madness Cookie Twist Frosted Sugar Cookie Banana Oatmeal Strawberry Honey Graham Cookie Honey Twist Golden Honey Bomb Twist Liquids 60ml

Apple Twist Crisp Apple Smash - A highly praised vape juice, implementing a twin bottle pack of 60mL unicorn bottles bottled with a freshly picked apple reduced down to a sweet but tasty fruity eJuice that surely satisfy the taste buds. 

Lemon Twist Wild Watermelon Wild Watermelon Lemonade by Lemon Twist E-Liquids is a refreshing watermelon infused lemonade, perfect for the summertime!

Lemon Twist Pink Punch - A zesty take on a classic flavor, presenting freshly squeezed lemonade combined with a tarty strawberry syrup for a complete punch.

Lemon Twist Pink Punch ICED - Iced Pink Punch Lemonade by Lemon Twist E-Liquid is modeled after pink lemonade but with an exhilarating twist, infusing cool icy elements for the ultimate refresher.

Lemon Twist Peach Blossom Lemonade - A refreshing mix of ripe peach slices and lemonade for a exhilarating summer blend.

Lemon Twist Strawberry Crush Mason - Strawberry Mason Lemonade by Lemon Twist is a tasty lemonade drink with the accent of freshly sliced strawberries! Fusing the perfect amount of strawberry fun with a lemonade twist.

Lemon Twist Golden Coast Lemon Bar - The perfect balance of the tangy sweetness of lemon curds with the smooth and rich flavor of shortbread crust. This very compelling combination of flavors will sooth your body and mind.

Fruit Twist Pink Tropical Pucker Punch - Tropical Pucker Punch by Fruit Twist E-Liquid is the follow-up to the Lemon Twist, delivering a refreshing blend of exotic fruits for the ultimate tropical profile.

Mango Twist Mango Cream Dream - A beautiful mixture of tasty mangoes and rich smooth vanilla to create a decadent mixture of fruit and delectable cream for an inspiring combination that will delight the taste buds in any tank or rebuildable.

Melon Twist Honeydew Chew Honeydew Chew by Melon Twist E-Liquids is a sweet melon and cool honeydew flavor that wonderfully compliments each other in this vape juice that will keep you feeling refreshed all day. 

Melon Twist Chilled Melon Remix - Juicy chilled sliced melons and combines it with a bracing blast of icy menthol to help round out the mixture and flavor.

Melon Twist Watermelon Madness - A savory summertime watermelon vape that will make your taste buds go nuts.

Cookie Twist Frosted Sugar Cookie - A combination of fresh baked sugared cookies with a dollop of smooth vanilla frosting spread evenly about to sweeten the sugary sweet baked flavor that will have the taste buds craving more. 

Cookie Twist Banana Oatmeal - A tasty oven-baked cookie with chunks of banana puree in an oatmeal cookie base that is sure to make the taste buds salivate at first taste.

Cookie Twist Strawberry Honey Graham Cookie - A trifecta of honey-touched graham crackers covered in a thick spreadable strawberry jam topped with a sticky drizzle of honey to create a sweetly decadent dessert vape.

Honey Twist Golden Honey Bomb - A trifecta of honey-touched graham crackers covered in a thick spreadable strawberry jam topped with a sticky drizzle of honey to create a sweetly decadent dessert vape.


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