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Beard Vape Co The Salty One Series Apple Sweet & Sour Apple Berries Strawberry
  • AppleOn the inhale of The Salty One Apple, you get the rush of deliciously sweet red apples. Then, the taste of doughnut will merge with the taste of creamy icing and milk mixed with sweet cereal drizzled on top. On the exhale you get the spice of cinnamon that will leave your taste buds buzzing for more. You will love every smooth hit from this with the mix of flavors, hitting every craving you have. This vape juice will have you addicted in seconds. The Salty One has encompassed the flavor of apple cinnamon donuts in such a way that you will be salivating with just one puff.

  • Sweet & Sour Apple BerriesOn the inhale of The Salty One Sweet & Sour Apple Berry you get the sour berries that will leave your lips puckering. Following right after that is the sweet and juicy apples vape juice flavor. It is a guaranteed win for any fruit lover looking for their next exciting vape juice. This extremely flavorful vape juice will leave your taste buds begging for more. From the sour to the sweet your taste buds will always be satisfied no matter what.  This vape juice will surely give your sweet tooth a run for its money.

  • StrawberryOn just the first inhale of The Salty One Strawberry vape juice, you are met with the wonderful flavor of a freshly baked doughnuts. Then you get the taste of creamy strawberry frosting drizzled on top for that sugary sweet taste. On the exhale you get a rush of fruity cereal vape juice that really brings the flavor all together, for an amazing vaping experience. You will never want to put down this vape juice with how amazing the flavor is. 

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