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Solace Dragonthol Neked Peach Ring  Lemonade  Mint Hard Strawberry Candy Peppermint Patty  Mango Butterscotch Creamy Tobacco  Jefe  Latte Coffee Tobacco Virginia tobacco Peach Dragonfruit Salt Nic saltnic

Dragonthol Dragonthal is a sweet and delicious dragon fruit infused with crisp, cool menthol.

Neked Peach Ring - A perfectly crafted salt nicotine e-liquid that will leave your taste buds even happier than eating the actual candy! Ripe peaches and savory sugar combined to create the same lovable flavors you knew growing up.

Lemonade - A thirst-quenching beverage flavor that's perfect for warm weather. It's a sweet and sour combination of strawberries, kiwis and fresh lemonade.

Mint -  A minty flavor designed to replicate and appease the appetite of the every day menthol lovers. Refreshing Mint 

Hard Strawberry Candy This hard candy strawberry fusion provides a fruity and candy flavor explosion that will make your pods sing a song of praise.

Peppermint Patty - Mint Chocolate fusion

MangoIf you can't resist a tropical vape juice, try out Mango by Solace Vapor. Juicy, exotic and full of fruity flavor, Solace Mango is a great all-day vape for mango lovers.

ButterscotchSweet, smoky and one of a kind: Solace Vapor's Butterscotch vape juice takes the traditional sweet tobacco vape and smothers it in sugary butterscotch. The richness of the butterscotch blends perfectly with the authentically woody tobacco notes, while the nic salt infusion gives Solace Butterscotch a powerful kick.

Creamy TobaccoAn Ideal tobacco flavored choice for people trying to quit smoking or curb their traditional cigarette intake. This creamy tobacco infused flavor combines rich tobacco flavoring with a delicate creamy after taste.

JefeBold Tobacco (formerly Jefe) by SOLACE Vapor is a pure Virginia cut tobacco that retains all of the flavor and power that you would expect from a conventional tobacco flavor.

Latte - is just like your morning cup of coffee with a blend of sweetness and cream.

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