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Ruthless Vapor

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Ruthless Vapor 120ml eJuice SHOP NOW

Ez Duz It - This flavor consist of the best fruitful mix alive. Strawberry combined with ripe watermelon makes up one of the most tastiest flavors. Together these two flavors complement each other very well and makes the taste buds very happy. This juice has inhale that is mostly made up of the watermelon flavor that will trigger the taste buds to make the mouth water like a waterfall. The exhale of this e-liquid is when the strawberry comes in and mixes with the watermelon and leaves an everlasting impression on the tip of your tongue.

Grape Drank - A refreshing blend of sweet grape juice and grape soda steeped to patient perfection. On the inhale of Ruthless Grape Drank e-juice, it gives your mouth a blast of fresh sweet and tangy sweet grape candy. On the exhale, the grape flavor blended with a grape soda makes your sweet tooth crave more instantly delighting your taste buds.Try Ruthless Grape Drank for a refreshing grape soda vape juice, you will not be disappointed.

Ez Duz It on ICE- The inhale brings forth a strong watermelon sensation that appeals to the taste buds greatly. The mixologists over at Ruthless did an amazing job at executing this fruity inhale and making sure it provided a ton of flavor. Upon exhaling is when both the strawberry and menthol aspect of the profile comes into play and leaves you with a cool fruity memory on the tip of your tongue. This flavor will never fade!


Grape Drank on ICE - This flavor is a gorgeous blend of real grape flavor and sugary grape soda served with a hit of ice-cold menthol. This unexpected flavor combination refreshes the palate on a deep level while soothing the throat with authentic minty intensity.

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