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The RELX Flavor Pods are replacement cartridges for the RELX Pod System that comes with 2ml of nicotine salt e-liquid in each. The most popular flavor is the Ludou Ice also known as Mung Bean mellow melody strawberry ice exotic passion Relx pods relax pods

The RELX Flavor Pods are proprietary cartridges for the RELX Pod System comes with 2ml of nicotine salt e-liquid. Each RELX pod securely attaches to the device through a magnetic connection and features seven delicious pre-filled salt nic flavors; Mint, Blueberry, Classic Tobacco, Mango, Fruit, Lemon Tea, and Ludou Ice (each flavor description can be viewed in the specifications tab.) When connected to the RELX, a pressure-sensitive system takes control with a sensitivity of 0.001atm. The drip tip has a duck bill shape for comfortability. Internally, the RELX pod utilizes an innovative honeycomb style ceramic heating element. Each Honeycomb diameter is sized 0.01mm in size. As added protection, dual silicone rings are present to prevent juice leakage. Each pod has approximately 650 puffs.

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Relx Flavor Replacement Pods (3-Pack)

Product Specifications
  • RELX Replacement Pod
    • 2ml Capacity
      • Ceramic Honeycomb Style Coil
        • 0.01mm Diameter Size
      • Approximately 650 Puffs
      • Double Sealed Pods
      • Duck Billed Drip Tip
    • Plug and Play Connection
      • Gold Plated Proprietary Connection
        • Magnetic Connection
    • Compatible with the RELX Ultra Portable Kit ONLY
    • Mint - The feeling of excitement when you're out before the crack of dawn. The chill in the air, a welcoming friend just like the icy mint vapor tantalizing your senses. Nothing is impossible and everything is up for grabs. RELX, the day is already yours. A splash of menthol added for extra coolness.
    • Fruit - The promise of delicious things to try, hidden nooks to explore, and a different type of beat to dance to when escaping from daily routines. Sure, life could be just one big vacation, but would it taste just as sweet if it lasted forever? We'll let you RELX and decide. A splash of menthol added for extra coolness.
    • Mango (Tropical Fruit) - The tropics are a state of mind and it's only right that they inspire you to find your next adventure. Energized by the sun and the surf, get ready for a wild and forgettable sensory treat. RELX and jump in, the water's perfect. A splash of menthol added for extra coolness.
    • Lemon Tea - A splash of zingy lemon mixed into sweet iced tea, the perfect complement to sunny brunches. Trolleys stacked with mouthwatering dishes roll by as late morning turns into late afternoon. Where did the time go? RELX, the best days aren't over, they've yet to arrive. A splash of menthol added for extra coolness.
    • Blueberry (Blue Burst) - The comforting warmth of an evening day with good friends, the heat of the day tamed by the twilight. Happy faces, good conversation, and great wine - what else is there to live for? RELX, and take the moment in. A splash of menthol added for extra coolness.
    • Ludou Ice - Warm summer evenings spent playing outside ending with a classic sweet treat, or tales of immersive trips in East Asia that involves a new gastronomic discovery... Ludou desserts win anyone over with a subtle, fresh taste made more potent in e-liquid form. RELX and make new memories, or let old ones blanket you with sugary nostalgia. A splash of menthol added for extra coolness.
    • Watermelon Mint (Fresh Red) - Spend your hot summer nights with this sweet blend of watermelon and ice cold mint. Refresh and invigorate your life with Watermelon Mint. A splash of menthol added for extra coolness.
    • Green Tea - A deep blend of hot green tea set at the perfect temperature. Relax the night away with a cup of herbal green tea.
    • Peach Oolong (Fruit Tea) - A delicious blend of sweet peaches and apples blended together in tea form.
    • Icy Slush (White Freeze) - Stay cool with this chilling ice cold blast of slush with menthol added.
    • Grapefruit (Pink Zest) - Feel invigorated with a tart grapefruit flavor.
    • Banana Smoothie/Mellow Yellow - Start your day off with a delicious blend of bananas and milk in this morning smoothie.
    • Tangy Purple - A sweet yet tart grape flavor overflowing with succulent grape juice.

    • Fragrant Fruit - An ice cold and sweet lychee flavor with a blast of frozen menthol added.

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