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Pop cloud Banana - Banana • Blue Razz - Blue Raspberry • Bubblegum - Bubblegum • Butterscotch - Butterscotch • Cherry - Cherry • Cotton Fluff - Cotton Candy • First Flight - Citrus | Pomegranate | Peach • Grape - Grape • Green Apple - Green Apple • Orange - Orange • Peach - Peach • Strawberry - Strawberry • Tropical - Tropical Fruit   • Watermelon - Watermelon
• Banana - If there’s one way that we like to enjoy our bananas, it’s by savoring banana-flavored candies.

 Blue Razz - Intense sourness from blue raspberries slaps the taste buds before becoming outrageously sweet on the exhale. Prepare your palate for the shock of its life.

• Bubblegum - A delight of chewy, sugary, mouth-watering bubble gum candy goodness. Bubblegum Candy vape juice is sure to bring back some classic memories.

• Butterscotch - A butterscotch-flavored hard candy that’s sweet, creamy and just a bit salty. If you long for the days of going through a whole bag of butterscotch candies

• Cherry - a sweet and succulent cherry-flavored hard candy that’s juicy, sugary and pleasantly tart. Each puff is just like sucking on your very favorite sweet from back in the day.

• Cotton Fluff - Your favorite thing about a carnival is chewing on a fluffy, sugary piece of pastel-colored cotton candy.

• First Flight - Consists of a trio of fruits (pomegranate, orange, and peach) that are each given the candy-like treatment.

• Grape - A sweet and sticky hard candy that’s gushing with fresh grape flavor. The tangy and sugary taste of ripe, plump purple grapes will make you drool like you’ve never drooled before.

• Green Apple - Sour and slightly sweet green apple hard candy.

• Orange - Citrus and sweet hard candy.

• Peach - A dreamy trio of fruity tastes blended together and turned into a sticky, syrupy confection.

• Strawberry - Succulent strawberry hard candy.

• Tropical - A lip-smacking, flavorful delight that’s simply oozing with luscious fruity-candy goodness straight from exotic islands.

• Watermelon - A delightful watermelon-flavored candy that’s cool, refreshing and perfectly sweet. If you crave watermelon candy all summer long

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