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All Melon  Amazing Mango  Green Blast  Hawaiian POG  Lava Flow Really Berry Maui Sun Peachy Peach Straw Lime (Berry Belts)  Green Lemon (Sour Sweet)  Yummy Strawberry (Yummy Gum)  Azul Berries - Blueberry  Go Nanas Naked Unicorn  Berry Lush  American Patriots Classic Tobacco Cuban Blend Caribbean Blend Euro Gold Light & Smooth Tobacco Naked100 Naked 100 Salt Saltnic Nicotine

Straw Lime (Straw Lime) -Looking for a fruit-filled chewy candy that delivers a fresh zing of citrus? Well, when it comes to getting each taste bud excited, Straw Lime by Naked 100 Fusion 60ml can certainly do just that. A magnificently sweet and impeccably sour belt of gummy goodness that’s sprinkled with lime-flavored sugar provides the palate with everything that it needs to water uncontrollably. You’ll be instantly transported back to another time while the taste of the good ol’ days transforms your mood and makes your sweet tooth feel giddy with excitement.

Green Lemon (Lemon Lime) - For vapers looking for a magical citrust flavor that’s as sweet as candy, you my friends have come to the right place. Lemon by Naked 100 Fusion 60ml is reminiscent of that bubbly cola that’s zesty, refreshing and spectacularly sugary. Each puff rejuvenates your senses and satisfies the need for something a bit sinful. In fact, tour thirst will be gone and the fizziness will continue popping on your tongue long after you blow that vapor out through your lips.

Triple Strawberry (Yummy Gum) - Wanna chew on gobs of sticky strawberry bubblegum without ruining your teeth or overloading your body with sugar? You’re in luck fellow vapers. Strawberry by Naked 100 Fusion 60ml is a fruity, sugary treat that will have you dreaming of massive translucent bubbles whenever you hit your mod. Reminiscent of the sweet treats from your youth, this flavor will put a big smile on your face while you blow those flavorful clouds out into the air.

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