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Mighty Vapors

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Mighty Vapors 60ml eJuice SHOP NOW

Hulk Tears - Deeply satisfying apple, watermelon, and berry hard candy flavor. When fruit meets candy, the results are tremendous in the charts.

Frozen Hulk Tears - Prepare yourselves for the ultimate experience with Mighty Vapors Frozen Hulk Tears. It consists of apple, watermelon and berry hard candy flavor. But that’s not all! This e-juice acquired the strength of chilling menthol.

Majestic Mango - The moment the vapor enters your mouth, the sweet and tangy nectar juices begin to instantly saturate your taste buds. As it intensifies on your palate, your mouth will begin to water with delight. Then, just like that, the refreshing mango that you know, and love takes control to round out the flavor before you take your next pull.

Frozen Majestic Mango - For your vaping enjoyment, here is Mighty Vapors Frozen Majestic Mango. The combination of mangoes and icy menthol never vaped this good. The blast of the tropics hits your palate instantly as this fruit’s tangy and zesty juices glide across your tongue. When you exhale, you’ll be treated to a chilling blast that will keep you feeling fresh.

Dazzle Berry With only a couple of inhales and exhales, you will explore the magnificent world of satisfaction and relaxation provided by this Mighty Vapors Dazzle Berry eLiquid. Blending enormous amount of blue raspberries, this smooth vape treatment will calm your cravings down and you will realize that all of your desires are being fulfilled with this berry-inspired magic.

Frozen Dazzle Berry - The refreshingly dazzling nuances of sweet and sour blue raspberry with menthol touch will create a winter dazzling paradise for you, a perfect getaway feeling from a hot summer day.

Smash Berry - The sweet taste of soft ripe strawberries and delicious berries will bring you heavenly satisfaction. Every time you hit the vapor, you will feel your body relaxing slowly, as you inhale the sweet flavors of this blissful goodness, soft satisfactions will bring you endless feelings.

Frozen Smash Berry - Once you inhale this berry goodness on ice, you will sense the amazing balance between various tastes of berries embedded into this e-juice, making you feel like you are living in a heavenly paradise.

Mystery Pop - What’s in the box?! Were going to keep this a Mystery!

Frozen Mystery Pop - What’s in the box?! Were going to keep this a Mystery with some ICE!

Bangin Bananas - Vanilla Pudding / Banana Slices / Whipped Cream – Vanilla pudding layered with fresh sliced bananas topped with crisp crunchy wafers.

Super Mint - 
Spearmint / Menthol – A superior blend of cold icy spearmint infused with refreshing menthol.

Power Pebs Vanilla Ice Cream / Cereal – Creamy vanilla ice cream smothered with fruity rainbow bits.

Gold Rush - Classic Tobacco.

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