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Lost Art Space Rocks Rockz Slotter Pop Cottontail Cream White Grape Pop Rock Candy E-Liquid

Lost Art Liquids is a premium vape brand based in Los Angeles, California. The flavors of Lost Art Liquids are a reminiscent of your childhood favorite cereals, drinks, candy and desserts. Each contains the highest quality of fine USP grade ingredients made in the USA. You can’t call yourself a real vaper unless you’ve tried the delicious vape juices from Lost Art Liquids. They have created some of the most popular eliquid flavors of all-time. Their dedication to quality ingredients is legendary. And, their flavors are some of the tastiest on the planet.

• Cotton Tail Cream - A sinfully sweet and rich blend of strawberries and cream that can be vaped all day without the guilt. Cottontail Cream vape juice simply put, is Lost Art Liquid’s take on a smooth and rich, as well as very creamy strawberry milk vape flavor.

• OGB - An insanely flavorful vape that bursts with fruity goodness. Slotter Pops O.G.B.MAX VG vape juice is inspired by one of our favorite childhood candies and combines blue raspberry and orange to keep our taste buds happy for hours at a time.

• Slotter Pop - combined fresh and juicy fruit tastes of white grapes, zesty citrus, and sugary candy apple that have a summery flavor profile which dazzle the taste buds of every fruit lover. It fits perfectly in your collection when it comes to satisfying those fruity cravings.

• Space Rockz - based on an incredibly popular candy that we all enjoyed when we were young. Just like the popping sensation that these candies delivered to the tongue, the yummy combination of ripe strawberries and tangy kiwi will explode on the taste buds as soon as you take your first inhale. Vape enthusiasts who love to chase those puffy clouds can now enjoy the delicious flavor of strawberry and kiwi popping candy with Space Rockz ejuice from Lost Art Liquids.

• The Grape White - The newest flavor added to the Slotter Pops e-liquid collection. Starts off with a bunch of sweet white grapes, then blended with a candy apple and finished with an intermix of tarty citrus. The refreshing fruity flavor is perfect for upcoming warm weather. When it comes to craving the perfect summer time vape, Slotter Pops The Grape White vape juice is where it’s at. This mixed-berry Popsicle-inspired treat cools you down and provides you with countless hours of delicious sweet and tart flavor.

• Bottle Size - 120mL Unicorn Bottle
• Available Nicotine - 0mg | 3mg | 6mg 
• VG/PG Ratio - 70VG/30PG

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