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Keep It 100 E-Liquids  blue slushie tropical blast milk birthday shake nilla almond pink burst krunchy squares lemonade kiberry killa mallowman milk strawberry apple cider donut peachy punch
Nilla Almond Milk - With flavor notes including rich vanilla, sweet almonds and creamy milk, there’s nothing else quite like Nilla Almond Milk by Keep It 100 on the market right now. You’ve probably tasted other e-liquids with almond notes before. A dash of almond flavor adds a seductive sweetness and richness to almost any e-liquid — but you’ve never tasted anything like this.
Krunchy Squares - Enjoy an all-time favorite breakfast treat in a bottle! Cereals and french toast are perfect blends and definite winners! A nice surprise to an all day celebration! Grab one today!
Pink Burst - A spot on replica of your favorite pink strawberry burst chewy candy. Now you can enjoy the classic taste anytime your heart desires – and you won’t even have to steal all the pink ones out of the pack anymore!
Blue Slushie - It offers the unmistakable flavors of sweet strawberry and tangy blue raspberry, conducting a dizzying concerto of flavor, poured over a cardboard cup stuffed with crushed ice. Some say the flavor is more of a religious experience than a cold treat, but we’ll leave that for you to decide.
Peachy Punch - Looking for a refreshing summer flavor that you can vape on those long summer days? Peachy Punch may be just the flavor you are searching for! Picture an ice cold pitcher of peach punch, loaded with freshly sliced apples, just picked strawberries, and tropical mangoes – this is what awaits you with Peachy Punch.
Mallow Man - Do you know the Mallow Man? Because you should. Mallow Man puts a spin on the delicious treats you made on late summer nights spent around the campfire. I am talking about s’mores of course, and you love s’mores flavor we think you’ll love to meet the Mallow Man.
KiBerry Killa - A refreshing, perfectly balanced blend of 3 classic fruit flavors. KiBerry Killa (pronounced KEY-berry) starts with a base of ripe, freshly picked strawberries infused with the taste of juicy, succulent kiwi. Finally, a splash of perfectly ripe watermelon tops this unique e-juice off and brings everything together for an unforgettable vape.
Strawberry Milk - Nothing satisfies like a tall glass of ice cold strawberry milk, and that is exactly what you can expect from each puff of Strawberry Milk. It is no secret that strawberry milk flavored e-juice is one of the most popular, but this is one of the best we’ve tried to date! So get your “strawberry sip” on and grab a bottle or three today!
Blue Slushie Iced - A blue raspberry drink with a hint of strawberry and a blast of cool refreshing menthol.
Blue Slushie Lemonade - Blue Slushie Lemonade gives us that same blue raspberry taste but adds just a hint of lemonade to give us that finish we all love!

Tropical Blast - a delightful summertime sensation highlighted by juicy guava blended with a medley of tropical fruits. The team at Keep It 100 bring you on a tropical excursion with Tropical Blast 100mL E-Liquid. Discover the waves of guava meshing brilliantly with other complimentary exotic fruits, and you’ll quickly understand what all the hype is about.

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