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Mango Peach  Honeydew Strawberry  Blood Orange Pineapple  Watermelons  Nectarine Lychee Mango Peach ICE  Honeydew Strawberry ICE  Blood Orange Pineapple ICE Watermelons ICE  Nectarine Lychee ICE  Hi-Drip Hi Drip Eliquid

Mango Peach - Two ultra drippy fruits and mashes them together into a sweet taffy candy. This is a taste extravaganza set for a tropical prince or princess. On the inhale you will vape the mango crown and exhaling you will find the jewel gemstones of peach that decorate it. As this e-liquid taste gets stronger with each puff you'll be exclaiming, "Sweet...!!!" Enjoy your taffy.

Honeydew Strawberry - Two great vape juice fruit candy flavors honeydew and strawberry mixed together for a sweetness bomb that goes off every time you vape. The inhale is juicy sweet ripened strawberries with a dash of tartness wrapped in a sugary candy, The exhale is the boldness of honeydew melon with notes of strawberry for a great finish and nice big clouds. 

Blood Orange Pineapple - A juicy fruit flavored vape juice that will have you longing for that island trip you've yet to take. The inhale is a tart and sweet blood-red orange, that you can almost feel it dripping down your lips. The exhale accentuates the sweetness of ripe delicious pineapple flavor that is sure to make you puff more and more. Get some Hi-Drip by Jack's Juice Factory Blood Orange Pineapple in your vape tank today! 

Watermelons - Your favorite chewy taffy candy with a side of juicy watermelon tossed in. Every inhale and exhale brings sweet bliss of delight. Taffy watermelon is always good and this one is especially so. This premium eJuice has a recipe that is tried and true and loved by candy vapers everywhere. If you haven't tried Hi-Drip yet, Watermelons will be your key in to a good time.

Nectarine Lychee - Indulge in taste of Nectarine Lychee by Hi-Drip E-Liquids, capturing the vibrant notes of sweet nectarines mixed with mellow flavor of exotic lychees that will entice the taste buds.

Mango Peach ICE - This Iced Mango Peach eJuice takes two fruits meant for warmer climates and ships them up north to Siberia. They both keep their soft and chewy texture despite the confections feeling a frightful freeze because of this menthol vape juice. The winters are long and the winds are high out there across the snow-scape. Regardless, these two seasonal sweethearts manage to fight through the blizzards to bring you sweets and treats with unimaginable chewiness.

Honeydew Strawberry ICE - Combines two fantastic candy flavors that are perfect for sinking your teeth into. Be careful on that first bite though, because this menthol vape juice is a little frostier than appearances make it seem. The cool edge gives both these silky stars a nice pop and burst every time you take an inhale. From the moment you take your first puff to your last exhale, a roller coaster of twists and turns will drive you right to confection heaven. Get ready for a smoothly crisp ride, because this icy strawberry and honeydew vape juice will be a chilled breeze.

Blood Orange Pineapple ICE Take cover from the incoming snowstorm behind the orange tree line and push your way further into the winding, chewy pineapple-strewn jungle. The menthol vape juice temperature drop makes the rainforest humidity a walk in the park, an exploration likely to be a breeze. Sharpen your machete, because the icy branches will be hard to cut through. 

Watermelons ICE - This perfectly ripe watermelon vape juice packs on all the fruity goodness you remember, but in a sweet and little confection. To get the real deal taste in a tiny chew is an amazing trick on the mind. On top of all that, having the icy exhale that you get from a menthol vape juice helps it to keep your mind constantly racing. A perplexing mystery that keeps on developing and molding into deeper complexity, you’ll never guess how it will blow you away next.

Nectarine Lychee ICE - Feel the difference of ICED Nectarine Lychee by Hi-Drips E-Liquid, augmenting the sweet flavor of tasty nectarines with a splash of tropical lychee enhanced with a touch of menthol for an uplifting fruity flavor.


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