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Candy King Sour Worms Drip More dripmore Sour patch kids sour batch strawberry watermelon strawberry belts swedish fish dweebz hard apple lemon drops peachy rings jaws gush
 dripmore drip more candy king 100ml jaws gush sour straw strawberry watermelon bubble gum sour patch kids sour batch sour worms iced hard apple strawberry rolls swedish fish

Sour Worms - Sour Worms by Candy King eJuice is an exquisite concoction of the classic gummy crawlers, with a burst of fruity flavors that delivers a sensational sweet and sour profile

Sour Batch - a sweet and sour candy treat which features a fruity collection of sweet orange, cherry, lemon and lime sour patch and sprinkled with sugar crystals. 

Strawberry Belts - Strawberry Belts by Candy King eJuice is a recollection of sweet and sour strawberry candy, presented in e-liquid form that delivers the goodness to your tastebuds.

Strawberry Watermelon Bubble Gum - A refreshing and juicy, strawberry, watermelon, bubblegum.

Peachy Rings - An out of this world spot on peach ring gummy candy!

Lemon Drops Your favorite mouth watering lemon drop candy!

Pink Squares - Your favorite pink, chewy, square candy. Blasting with flavor!

Dweebz - Sweet and tangy berries with an added citrusy blast of mouth puckering tartness. From the moment you inhale you'll experience a burst of fruity berry goodness that delivers a sensational sweet and sour flavor that will tease your tastebuds and leave them crying for more.

Gush - A blast of assorted fruity flavors, including blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, green apple, and orange. A combination of different fruits to give as much flavor as possible to those mischievous desires.

Strawberry Rolls - Recreated fruit chew, taking succulent strawberries and pairing it with a confectionery chew from adolescence to create a rolled up strawberry chew that will inspire the taste buds with the spot on recreation.

Hard Apple - A premium recreation of sour Granny Smith apples reduced to the mouth-puckering nectar to create a tangy but sour fruity e-Juice that is sure to dazzle the taste buds. 

Jaws - The delectable taste of shark-shaped gummy candies with a ferociously sweet and tangy blue raspberry flavor combined with sweet vanilla cream for a delightfully smooth finish.

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