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Dripcult 60ml eJuice SHOP NOW
Dripcult 60ml eJuice SHOP NOW

Rip Offs - A delicious strawberry kiwi sour belt candy vape that will knock your socks off with its robust and complex flavor profile! 

Phenom - One of those candy flavored e juices that is just delicious; not too sugary, not too bland. It is the perfect mix of sweet and delicious. When you vape this stuff it is definitely a swirly rainbow lollipop that you will be tasting!

Rips Offs Ice - This is the same juice as the original Rip Offs only this one has an added taste of menthol which is perfect if you enjoy spicing things up or cooling things down. The sweet Strawberry Kiwi mixed with the menthol is the ideal flavor on those warm summer days.

Phenom Ice - A delicious and perfectly formulated rainbow lollipop with a nice menthol chill to it. This is the perfect vape for anyone who like the original or wants to try this astounding flavor. When vaped on a warm summer’s day it has been known to cool even the warmest person off.


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