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Dinner Lady

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Dinner Lady Blackberry Crumble Bubblegum Lemon Sherbets Lemon Tart  Strawberry Apple  Strawberry Macaron Vanilla Custard Tropic Mango Chill Watermelon Chill

Blackberry Crumble  A rich and creamy blend of juicy blackberries and buttery crumble pastry that makes for an all-around scrumptious flavor profile. 

Bubble Trouble A classic bubble gum chew bursting with sweet fruits.

Lemon Sherbets - Mouthpuckering lemon notes and a sweet and tangy citrus overtone in synthetic nicotine.

Lemon Tart Like biting into a freshly-baked lemon tart for the first time, Dinner Lady’s Lemon Tart Nic Salt Juice will open your eyes to a whole new world of nuanced, carefully-crafted e-liquid flavors.

Strawberry Apple - Tart and succulent flavor of fresh granny smith apples with tangy strawberries and sweet red apples, Dinner Lady’s Strawberry Apple Nic Salt Juice offers a juicy and well-balanced flavor profile that is perfect for those with a little bit of a sweet tooth.  

Strawberry Macaron Made with a rich and velvety blend of fresh coconut, sweet strawberries, and ground almonds, Dinner Lady’s Strawberry Macaroon Nic Salt Juice offers an excellent choice for those who appreciate complex and luxurious flavors. 

Vanilla Custard - Capturing amazingly smooth notes of vanilla in a bowl of creamy custard, made with synthetic nicotine.

Tropic Mango Chill Blending the bright and tangy flavor of fresh, succulent mangos with a splash of menthol-ice, this crowd-favorite offers a perfect choice for those who enjoy mouthwatering, smooth, and subtly zesty flavors.

Watermelon Chill Made with a mixture of sweet and juicy watermelon combined with a frosty splash of mint, this Watermelon Chill Nic Salt Juice offers a well-balanced blend of flavors that fans describe as smooth, satisfying, and nothing short of mouthwatering.

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