Who Has Heard About San Franciscos Ban?!

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San Francisco has voted for an outright ban on all flavored E-Liquids and menthol cigarettes which brings this to one of the strictest anti-vaping regulations ever seen in the industry. After tobacco company RJ Reynolds organized a petition (proposition E) , it was taken to public ballot so residents could have their say before it was put to action. Results were 60 percent voted in favor and 31 percent opposed the ban. Other cities nearby now might follow the ban which could be mimicked across the country because now Chicago filing for a similar proposal.

Those that opposed the ban were mainly consumers and small business owners. Small business owners are worried this ban could shut down their business which leads to no local trades in the city. Consumers are worried they would have to take a trip to other cities to purchase their E-Liquids. However we believe consumers will just purchase off the web now which takes business away from the city.

San Francisco believes this ban will stop kids and teens that are starting to or want to start vaping but we believe this ban truly will affect the smokers that are wanting to quit smoking and those that are on the road to quitting. Teens and kids cannot purchase from the local store anyways so why move forward with this ban for the adults looking to quit?

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