VGOD Bomb Series - Apple Bomb and Berry Bomb

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VGOD has come out with a new line and it will hit the ground running! Introducing 2 flavors from their new Bomb Series, Apple Bomb and Berry Bomb! Packaging is on point with the liquids bottled in premium Chubby Gorilla bottle and of course with the finishing touch of an ultra-soft touch box and awesome design. Now time for the exciting part, the flavors!


Apple Bomb

We have sampled Apple Bomb a few days to ensure we give a thorough review of this flavor. Let’s start with the inhale! You get a serious taste of Green Apple as you inhale with some pleasantly tarty sourness. During the exhale you will taste the candy side of this delicious Apple Bomb. Overall great well balanced flavor that’s not too overly sweet where you get tired it by mid-day. <Buy Here>

Berry Bomb

On inhale you get a very smooth tangy Sourness that isn’t overpowering. As you exhale you will taste the sweet strawberry candy. This flavor truly taste just like the strawberry belts with sprinkles of sugar from the candy store! Overall this is a great juice that you can vape daily. <Buy Here>

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