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We have come a long way in the world of vaping. From what started as a simple alternative to help people quit smoking, has evolved into a world of fancy gadgets that can also display time, act as a power bank to charge phones and even display personal photos as a background on the display screen. 

The Innokin MVP features a USB connection that acts as a power bank to charge mobile phones when needed. 

This was one of the first devices to have an extra feature that is not particularly vape related. The Innokin MVP was able to charge your mobile phone on the go with the help of the USB connection and cable provided by Innokin. Although this can be extremely useful to have while out and about, we feel this can also cause a small problem; the battery life of the actual vape mod. If you are going to be depending on the device to keep your phone charged throughout the day, you will also be draining the battery life of the device itself, leaving you with some charge on your phone but no battery left to vape. We do see that this won't be a problem for all as not everyone vapes the same amount throughout the day. 

The Joyetech EVIC devices comes with a built-in clock display. The clock is able to display itself in roman numerals for that extra classy feel. 

We have tried most, if not all, the Joyetech EVIC series devices and we feel the clock does add a nice touch to top off the clean and classy design of the EVIC devices. Although we wouldn't say that this feature is really useful or useless, the chances of you relying on your mod to tell you the time is somewhat unlikely. After all, isn't that what your watch or mobile phone is for? 

The Laisimo L-series includes a feature that allows you to upload your own personal photo to act as a wallpaper on the display screen. 

Out of the 3 features we have spoke about so far, this is by far my favorite. Although this display feature isn't necessarily considered "useful", it does add a nice touch. Not only can you upload your favorite superhero, family photo or actor/actress, this also makes the device unique to your person as the chances of someone having the exact same picture displayed is very slim. We noticed many vapers put a family photo, specifically a photo of their kids, to remind them why they need to stop smoking cigarettes. 

If you thought you have seen it all when it comes to extra features coming from a vaporizer, let us just stop you there. SMOK has now released a device that can adjust settings by speaking certain commands. Introducing the Smok I-PRIV!

The all new Smok I-Priv Kit has to the ability to adjust wattage, change modes, change display color, and also shut down the device by voice. The kit comes with a card that lists all the functions it can adjust along with the specific commands you must say.

We don't know how we feel about a feature like this. It is quite unique that you can tell your mod to do what you say, but has pushing the up and down arrows to adjust your wattage really bothered you? As far as the wattage adjustment goes, you can tell it to raise or lower the power, after entering adjustment parameters in the menu. For example, if you set it to raise in 5 watt increments, every time you tell it to raise the power, it will go up by 5 watts. Same for lower. Other commands include changing the color of the front display, switching between TC/Wattage mode, and even shutting the device down. 

It is really nice to see these companies are thinking outside the box and including extra features but we think most people will agree that they should focus on improving their devices overall rather than spend time on things that aren't as important. A really common problem we have seen is the color/paint on some of these mods. We have seen many mods offered in a variety of colors but overtime, the color starts wearing and fading leaving it to look like a mess. Overall, we are not here to start picking at each manufacturers problems and list them all here, but at the same time we do hope they take into consideration that they should focus on the more important factors, rather than fancy colors and led lights. 

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