The Vapers Tongue - Has it happened to you?

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If you have been vaping for quite some time, you are probably aware of the terms Vapers Tongue or Flavor Fatigue. As funny as this sounds, it is actually a quite popular topic in the vaping community. When one experiences vapers tongue, this usually means they can no longer taste the flavor of their e-juice, even if its been their all-time favorite. Vapers tongue can happen to anyone and it is not due to a failed device or atomizer. There can be a few reasons why one would be experiencing this tragedy. 

The first thing you need to know about taste is it just isn't about what you are putting into your mouth. A lot of people assume that taste is all on the tastebuds on the tongue but in reality, your tongue can only recognize 5 flavors; Sweetness, Saltiness, Bitterness, Sourness and Umami(Savory). It is easy for your tastebuds to pick up sweet and salty type of flavors but not the very complex flavors that come in e-liquids. Most tasting has a lot to do with how your food, drink, or e-liquid smells. 

For example, try holding your nose and taking a hit from your vaporizer. You will notice that the flavor is pretty much muted until you release your hand from covering your nose. It was probably the same with cigarettes. If you ever smoked indoors at home, you have grown to get use to the smell and now barely even notice if it smells like cigarettes. But when non-smoking people come into your house, they would notice and possibly comment on the strong odor you never noticed. Vaper’s tongue isn’t the only thing that will cause a loss of taste but we believe that it is the most common when you’re talking about e-cigarettes.

One way to help fight vapers tongue is to cycle between different flavors when you start noticing the drop in taste. This tends to be more popular as a solution for vapers using dripping atomizers, since they can freely dry off the previous liquid and start on the next. For users on tank atomizers, if you do not mind the lingering taste of the previous liquid before the full transition to the new, it is best to wash and clean out the tank before filling with the new flavor. (Most tank atomizers that are not built-into the device, can be cleaned and washed minus the coil inside)

Another great way to clean the palette is similar to how wine tasting companies addresses the issue. If you noticed, most wine tasting places if not all, will also provide bread, crackers or cheese to clean the palette before moving onto the next wine to ensure full flavor from the next bottle. 

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