eJuice Specials

1. Singapore

According to the website Singapore legal advice, it’s illegal to:

  • Buy e-cigs
  • Own e-cigs
  • Vape

Any one caught buying vapes online and have it shipped to Singapore can land you 6 months in jail and a fine up to $10,000.00 for first time offenders. Second time offenders faces double the penalty which leaves you with a $20,000.00 fine and a year in jail.

Although it is not clear what the policy is for visitors flying into the country but it has been reported that custom officials tried to confiscate visitors hardware before.


2. Hong Kong

The next one is particularly ironic because Hong Kong is part of China, where a massive e-cig manufacturing industry is based – and, indeed, where the modern electronic cigarette was invented. Nevertheless, you could still find yourself facing up to 2 years in jail and a fine of up to $100,000 HKD.

3. Thailand


At least in theory, vaping in Thailand could land you in jail for ten years!

One vaper in Thailand reported that enforcement is not always consistent. While enforcement is not always consistent, some vapers have been arrested and put in prison, and some have had to pay large fines. Thai vapers are careful and use aliases when discussing vaping online. In short, be careful, and try to avoid vaping in Thailand if at all possible.


4. Qatar Airways

It is illegal to vape in every airline now but one airline you definitely dont want to take the risk is Qatar Airways. It has been reported a vaper spent 28 hours in a Qatar prison after getting caught vaping on the plane. He was also banned from the airways despite having 3 more connecting flights and was forced to buy new tickets to continue his flight.

5. Dubai

Dubai is part of the UAE that forbids vaping but Dubai seems to take a particularly aggressive attitude towards using electronic cigarettes. It has been reported that many Dubai visitors have had their electronic cigarettes confiscated even when they are in transit to a completely different destination. But it isn't consistent as some vapers have said to be using their devices in the smoking lounge in Dubai.

6. Punjabi

Last but not least, Punjabi has one of the most extreme cases of punishing electronic cigarette users.

In April 2016 25 year old Parvesh Kumar was sentenced to three years in jail and fined 1 lakh (approximately €1,300 at the time). He’s mentioned as an e-cig retailer, but only possesed 1 e-cigarette and eight cartridges. The court added:

E-cigarette contains nicotine in chemical form, which is highly addictive and potentially lethal. The youth take to such kind of addictive and potentially lethal products, and the offenders involved in promoting and selling such products should be dealt with sternly by law for the welfare of the society.


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