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Vape mods, sub-ohm atomizers and huge clouds has been very popular the last few years until recently when salt nicotine e-liquids and pod mods came into the scene. Many people still don’t know what it is and what the difference is between pod mods and vape mods is. Continue reading as we explain the differences between the two!






Different E-Juice for Pod Mods and Vape Mods




The typical mods you have been seeing the past few years are designed for sub ohm vaping that uses e-liquid that has higher vegetable glycerin (VG). High VG juices often is thicker than high PG juices and produces denser clouds and is often used in lower nicotine strength. Pod mods on the other hand will use salt nicotine e-liquids which contains higher concentration of nicotine. Salt Nicotine e-liquids is not to be used with any sub-ohm atomizers/mods.





Pod Mods Are More Ideal For Smokers




Pod mods are more ideal for someone that is looking to quit smoking and using a vape mod just didn’t work out. Pod mods use salt nicotine e-liquids that contain higher dosages of nicotine and give a much better throat hit than the standard vape mods. Most pod mods have a sleek design making them lightweight and easy to carry. Pod mods are simple and easy to use so they are a great option for smokers who don’t want to be overwhelmed by too many buttons or settings. Most pod mods is just a simple inhale activation or 1 single button to activate the device. Vape mods are usually more advanced with settings to tinker with to get the right hit and much more bulky.




Pod Mods Are Usually More Affordable




At Ejuicespecials, we take pride in making sure all our products are competitively priced. Whether it is Pod mods, Vape mods or even just name brand e-liquids. Pod mods are generally more affordable than vape mods. You can get a nice pod mod at Ejuicespecials for less $19.99. Check out our hardware section to find the one that fits your budget and your style.



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