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Getting into nicotine salts brings you to higher dosages of nicotine so you must use the correct device. You will need to look into vape pod systems that are out on the market. You may check out our selection to get started. We have used several devices out on the market and below is our personal top 3 picks and the reasons why.

MLV Phix

The top pick for Salt Nicotine devices would have to be the Phix by Phix Vapor. This sleek unit is one of the easiest to use and carry around. The Phix does not require any maintenance such as changing coils or taking apart any pieces. This is a closed pod system which means the unit uses pre-filled pods (8 different flavors available HERE). Each pod holds about 1.5ml of juice. Once you are done using it you simply toss the whole pod away and pop in a new pre-fill pod. You will never need to worry about when you need to change your coil as every pod is equipped with new coil. Grab your personal MLV Phix with us [HERE].

Smok Infinix

Next runner up is the Smok Infinix. Also identical to the Phix but this unit is refillable which means you have a wider variety of flavors to choose from. Still simple to use but remember to change out your pod every 2-3 refills as the pod dies so you don’t want to fill it up with juice and end up needing to throw away the pod with juice inside. At a fully dead battery it takes approximately 25 minutes to get a full charge. We also carry the replacement pods [HERE].

Suorin iShare

Lastly, the Suorin iShare! Why did this make it on our top 3 picks? Firstly because of the battery bank that comes with the kit. For those that have extra-long days and worried about every bit of battery life, this kit comes with a 1400mAh battery bank to charge the 2 devices at the same time. Yes! You heard that right, it charges 2 devices. What does that mean? You get to carry 2 separate flavors! This is device truly touches base in corners. Anyone that purchases this devices should have ZERO complaints. No more “battery life too short” and “I get tired of vaping on 1 flavor”. You can get your Suorin iShare [HERE].

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