JUUL to Launch Vape Device To Track Underage Users

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Juul Labs Inc is creating a new Bluetooth-linked device which can detect if it’s being used by a minor.

This system was said to be launching in some Western European countries and Isreal. This device is supposed to be able to detect a users age in hopes to stop teenagers from vaping their popular brand. How true and effective this is? We will have to wait and see. 

The bluetooth linked device was originally designed to help vapers watch their nicotine intake but CEO Kevin Burns has revealed it will now show how old the user is as well.

This move comes as Juul’s sleek device, which looks like a USB, has been at the centre of media controversy this year with headlines and anti-vaping groups accusing it of getting a whole generation of teenagers and young people addicted to nicotine. It was reported by the Food and Drug Administration that over 2.1 million young people in America smoked e-cigarettes in 2017 and Juul dominates with more than 70% of its market share. Kevin Burns did tell Bloomberg News: “We’re not a lifestyle brand, we’re a functional product. We don’t want the product to seem cool.”

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