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You read that right. There is now a vape detector that is being used in many schools across the country. When a reporter interviewed some high school students about where do most of the students vape, the bathroom was known to be the most popular spot. Due to the privacy available in bathrooms, school authorities are obviously not allowed to install cameras nor have someone monitoring the bathrooms. With the recent popularity of "Juuling", these pocket friendly and discreet devices are very easy to hide and sneak a few hits in between classes. There may finally be a solution to this problem thanks to the team at Soter Technologies.

First introduced in August, 2017, the Fly SenseTM is already being used throughout municipalities and companies with anti-vaping policies. Soter Technologies recently announced that the 2.5 version of its proprietary detection system is available.

The list of new features, according to Soter’s press release, includes “new state-of-the-art vape sensor technology, a mobile app, status indicator LEDs, alert scheduling features to make monitoring and response easier, and robust analytics based on incident alert history.” To detect vapor, this devices notifies the mobile app that there is a change in air quality. Another bonus to this device is it can actually act as anti-bullying device as it can detect "sound anomalies" like arguments or any sort of yelling. Although students being loud can be considered normal, every little chance there is to prevent any bullying or fighting in school is already a plus. 

“We must use both technology-based and education-based tools,” Soter CEO Derek Peterson told the press. The education-based tools so far have come in the form of a $30 million dollar campaign to help prevent youth vaping, recently announced by major vape manufacturer, Juul. "Juuling" is the slang verb teens often use to refer to vaping, as the device is small, easily concealed, and emits almost no odor or vapor. 

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