FDA Nicotine Warning requirement now in effect

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Some of you may wonder why in the recent days, every picture or advertisement from manufacturers or re-sellers have posted has a huge nicotine warning. This was something that was brought to the table back in 2016, and has finally taken effect. It is now a requirement, from here on out, for every ad or product must have a nicotine warning printed on it. 

Although that does not seem too hard to put a warning on the picture or product, there are actually requirements as to how big, type of font, and where to even place this warning. Below is a little write-up from the FDA website explaining the requirements everyone must follow. 

This required warning statement must also meet certain requirements, with respect to font, text, size, placement and formatting of the warning statement on the package labels. That is, the required warning statement on package labels must also appear directly on the package, and be clearly visible underneath any cellophane or other clear wrapping, per 21 CFR § 1143.3(a)(2), as follows:

  • Be located in a conspicuous and prominent place on the two "principal display panels" of the package;
  • Comprise at least 30 percent of each of the principal display panels;
  • Be printed in at least 12-point font size and must occupy the greatest possible proportion of the warning label area set aside for the required text;
  • Be printed in conspicuous and legible Helvetica bold or Arial bold type or other similar sans serif fonts and in black text on a white background or white text on a black background in a manner that contrasts by typography, layout, or color, with all other printed material on the package;
  • Be capitalized and punctuated as indicated in 21 CFR § 1143.3(a)(1); and
  • Be centered in the warning area in which the text is required to be printed and positioned such that the text of the required warning statement and the other information on the principal display panels have the same orientation.

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