EPIC FAIL: Robber drops gun and pants???

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We have all seen many videos of America's dumbest criminals and we must say, this one definitely deserves a top spot. 

What was supposed to be a Gone in 60 Seconds type of robbery, turned into Mission Impossible, literally. The man was seen strolling back and forth by the storefront and finally decided to make his move. With a hat and sunglasses on, the man enters the building calmly walking right up to the counter. At this very moment, he attempts to pull out his gun only to fumble it out of his hand and fall over the counter into the hands of the employee of the store. At first, the man thinks about climbing over the counter to recover his weapon, only to give up half way into the jump and run back out of the store when he notices the gun is now in the hands of the worker. 

To top off this embarrassing moment, as he jump kicks the door open, his pants also start falling, nearly causing him to trip and fall. Take a look at the video below to see for yourself! 

Video brought to you by: Mail Online Youtube


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