A Look at the NEW ASPIRE Breeze 2

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Aspire released the new Breeze 2 and most are wondering how is it comparing it to the original Aspire Breeze. While still holding its small compact size, the Aspire breeze 2 is still an upgrade compared to the original. Aspire breeze 2 now uses a pod system which detaches from the unit itself with a push of 2 side buttons. Coil inserts from the top and refill is from the bottom. This is much more convenient than the original as you can now clean the tank much easier and coils are much easier to replace. The pod system holds 1ml more than the old version and the battery size is slightly bigger. This is enough to last you throughout 1 day or for some, a day and half. Battery will last most vapers 1 full day.

One feature Aspire added which we’re sure most people will love is the adjustable airflow. Now you can control if you want a true mouth to lung hit or a direct lung to lung. Adjusting air flow is made simple by just popping off the mouthpiece and turning the air flow adjustment right on top. The Aspire Breeze 2 is truly a great unit for those that are looking for a smaller unit.

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